• DRYLAND ACTIVEWEAR // 5 ways our Dryland Collection is gonna rock your world


    So you know aaaaaall about our swimwear, obvs. But how much do you know about our activewear? Not much? Let us fill in the gaps..

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  • CRISS-CROSS FIXED-BACKS // ⨯⨯ We're obsessed ⨯⨯


    We've been busy in the warehouse, unpacking a million and one boxes of NEW STYLES! And we have three little fixed-back onesies you just have to meet...

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  • JOIN THE TRIANGLE TRIBE // Our all time fave swim top! △


    Let's talk about the Triangle Top.

    It's the classic go-to swim style; has been for years, and always will be. You know why? Because triangle bikinis...

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  • WE HAVE A NEW HOME // Jolyn has moved!


    We have MOVED! Jolyn Australia has a new home 🏡 at 364 Rio Vista Boulevard, Mermaid Waters, Queensland.

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  • INSTAGRAM COMPETITION // The Jolyn Journey

    #jolynjourney Instagram Competition


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  • NEW STYLES JUST DROPPED // October releases!

    Listen up, Jolyn-lovers! The latest shipment has landed in our warehouse, and is exploding with new styles and prints that make our hearts sing.

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