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Want a onesie that looks amazing coming and going? Then check out the Darren! This one piece swimsuit is has serious style, but with a playful edge. Featuring inspo statement cut-out on the back with full coverage on the front, the Darren was made to turn heads for all the right reasons. Thank the universally flattering cut. Thank the cute strappy details. Thank the cheeky medium bum coverage. Thank yourself for investing in this signature statement piece of swimwear, 'cause it's never going out of style.

Get ready to fall in love! Like all of the JOLYN collection, the Darren was designed by our impassioned aquaphiles for gals who want their suits to be able to keep up with their physical and sartorial aspirations. No compromises necessary. After all, just because you're serious about swimming doesn't mean your suit has to be a total snooze. Using high-quality materials, responsible production methods as well as our own unique brand of fun and functional design, we've created an entire collection of swimwear that's making waves, worldwide.

See for yourself! The Darren one-piece swimsuit is available in a stunning range of colours. Pick one you love (or pick a few!) and wear your Darren with pride.

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