FINIS Dryland Cord
Looking for something that will add an edge to your training? Newsflash - some serious swim training happens out of the water. The Dryland Cord simulates swimming movements on dry land to help you isolate vital muscle groups for targeted...
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FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel
First centre-mount snorkel created and patented by FINIS and designed specifically for swimmers. Stays in place for freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke (including flipturns) Comfortable mouthpiece made with a soft and flexible medical-grade silicone Adjustable head bracket makes for quick strap...
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FINIS Stability Snorkel
By far our best snorkel of all time, this piece of equipment quite literally blows our competitors away.   Designed without a head bracket, making it the most comfortable and stable snorkel on the market Made specifically for swimming at high speeds...
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