ABOUT JOLYN AUSTRALIA - bringing the magic of JOLYN to the land down under since 2013Meet the JOLYN AUSTRALIA crew - who we are, JESS WALKER, TARA HAWKING, SARAH JOHNSON, MOLLY RITSON


Not many moons ago, in a land way out California west, something happened that would add to the world of competitive swim style forever. From the perch of a lifeguard stand, we saw competitive swim style floundering. Every suit out there whispered a lie about watersports being innately aggressive and unfun. The ladies in the water were cool —it was the suits that needed saving. So a group of us dove in and started having fun with swimwear. We call this posse of aquatic outlaws JOLYN.

The beauty of being a small company is that we’re able to use the highest quality materials and construction—at an honest price. Heavy thread counts, fancy Italian fabric, and responsible production (made in America). So you get a suit that fits, stays put, and lasts for years. More bathe for your buck. Jolyn splashed out into Australian waters when Jess, the mastermind of Jolyn Australia, spied some Jolyn-clad girls whilst overseas, and just NEEEEEDED to have what they were having. And we all know, once you go Jolyn, you never go back. Jess made it her mission to bring our style to the land down under, and Aussie swimmers have been praising the ground she walks on ever since.

From humble beginnings wheeling and dealing togs from Jess' Gold Coast lounge room, to now an empire of empowered chicks working together to get the Jolyn name into every Aussie and Kiwi pool, our Australian and New Zealand swimsuit scene domination is well underway.   Meet the JOLYN AUSTRALIA crew // We're just a band of athletes, designers, mermaids, and misfits with watersports function & style on the brain.

JESS WALKER // HEAD SALES + CUSTOMER SERVICE LADY: In addition to sharing the Jolyn secret with the rest of Australia and New Zealand, Jess graduated Business and Events Management at Griffith University and in her spare time was one of Australia's best swimmers. She finished 5th in the 5km at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Kazan Russia. How she manages to fit everything in...Most people think Jess is Arial's little sister, born in Atlantis and great friends with Flounder and Sebastian. It's true... but only part of the story.

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