Designer // Patternmaker // @alytrucci

Alyssa studied Apparel and Textile Design at MSU and has a passion for creating unique silhouettes.  She grew up in a suburb of Detroit so she loves hockey and Motown.  After moving to New York to intern at Vera Wang and, later, work with JCREW on design and beading layouts for bridal and special occasion. Between navigating the world of bridal, beading, red carpet, and special-occasion style, Alyssa also managed to create her own line of dance, theater, eveningwear, and custom clothing. So, naturally, when she joined JOLYN, she did it in style.

Alyssa works with creating our patterns (templates from which our garments are cut out and assembled), and therefore the one who achieves our functional fit and unique silhouettes.  She develops, tweaks and tests out our garments on athletes to create the suits that you all love.