In beach sports, it's so important to find a bikini that stays put, moves with your body, and keeps you in check every second of every game. Particularly in Beach Volleyball, a sport that bends your body into shapes and positions most clothing just can not hack. That's why we're here. We at JOLYN Australia believe what you wear while participating in beach sports should not only look good, it should make you feel amazing, and most importantly, it should never let you down. 


Best quality swim tops and bottoms for beach volleyball teams, shop the collection



When you're going hard on the court, wardrobe malfunctions should be the least of your worries - we're talking bikini bottoms that fit like a second skin and sports tops that stay exactly where they're meant to, in styles and designs that spike that badass beach babe within you! 


Our BEACH VOLLEYBALL COLLECTION pulls together our favourite JOLYN swim tops and bikini bottoms that have been tried, tested, and twisted by Olympic athletes and everyday volley ball players alike, to ensure they're the best on the block. These pieces have been hand-picked by elite competitors, with our high performance FENDRICK TOP actually designed in collaboration and named after the incredible Lauren Fendrick, Olympian and Silver medalist at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships.


When it comes to sports bottoms that are best for Beach Volleyball, the SOFTY BOTTOM is gaining popularity at crazy speeds - featuring a thick waist band and slim bum coverage, it's easy to see why. This cut compliments peaches of all shapes and sizes, and the fixed width of the waistband has the particularly handy little added bonus of being the perfect canvas for your name to be printed on the back.

Our BRAZIL BOTTOM has always been a fave on the court, year in year out. Superstar Mariafe Artacho del Solar rates the Brazil as her #1 bikini bottom for competing - these babies have carried her and her partner, Taliqua, through the Beach Volleyball World Championships, the summer Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, FIVB World Tour, and hours upon hours of training, competing, and play time.


If you need just that touch more coverage, the EUROPE BOTTOM is a no-brainer. This mid-coverage style bikini bum is as flattering as it is flaunt-y (is that a word?) - what we're trying to say is your butt will look fab in the Europe, flaunting just the right amount of cheek to have you feeling safe, covered and comfortable, but also looking 👌👌👌

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