100% durable, 0% ugly. That's our promise. And it doesn't only apply to the pool. JOLYN swimwear and activewear can withstand whatever you throw at it, and has proven itself as a winning choice for CrossFit chicks around the globe.

Tried and tested a million times over, our designs are durable, stay put during heavy sets, aren't afraid of a little sweat, and will help you workout with confidence!


Adjustable tie-back straps that can be tightened or loosened to suit your bod, or secure fixed-backs that hold everything in with confidence, material that is guaranteed to not fade, chafe-free, stretch-free and amazingly durable, JOLYN gear keeps it all under wraps, with a range designed to stand out and have your back. You won't look like the rest; limited edition prints, exclusive solid colours, and unique strap detailing make JOLYNs one of a kind. Compliment your style with colours that contrast, or prints that accentuate your look.


Our range of fixed-back & tie-back tops are perfect for your workout, and come in nearly every colour of the rainbow, as well as staple blacks, and standout patterns.

We're constantly¬†stepping¬†up the SPORTS BRAS AND CROP TOPS game, with new styles being released on the regular. Our fave this month? The SARAE.¬†ūüĎá


crossfit crop top sports bra review JOLYN essential sportswear


Fave CrossFit swim top? Cannot go past the Fendrick fixed-back. It was built specifically for active living; featuring a seamless design which performs as good/better as it looks. This top can go from relaxed beaching to hard core workouts in the blink of an eye.





Recently proven as a winning combo at Tribal Clash, our VENT SWIM TOP paired with the BRAZIL SWIM BOTTOM gets a five star rating for staying put, keeping everything secure, and looking FIERCE!

CrossFit swimwear review loved it tribal clash


Pair your tops with our rad range of fitted workout shorts for comfort you won't find anywhere else. You know that fabulously smooth feeling of fresh shaved legs, that you just wanna touch all day? That's what our Dane, Colette and Skyler shorts feel like, and you'll wish you could wear them pretty much forever (damn laundry day). In a variety of prints and solids, these styles are moisture wicking and feature a thick waistband to hold it all in, nice 'n' tight.


- fully lined (NO see-through scandals!)
- tagless (NO chafing! NO irritation! NO tag dag moments!)
- insanely durable with reinforced stitching (NO stretching!) 
- made of only the highest quality, 100% durable material (NO fading!)

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