JOLYN x FINIS have joined forces

to bring you the style your team loves, the innovation it needs, and the quality it deserves.


FINIS has been providing the swimming world with the most innovative products for over 25 years. From introducing the monofin to the US to inventing the original centre-mount snorkel, FINIS has always been at the forefront of progress and continues to strive for the next big breakthrough. And now, you're able to get your hands on every breakthrough right here in the land of Oz, with an extensive FINIS product range moving into JOLYN Head Quarters on the Gold Coast.


We're stocking a range of goggles, snorkels, paddles and other training gear right here on our website, so you can chuck a few FINIS accessories in with your next order, because who doesn't love the feeling a brand spanking new kit to keep up the motivation.


JOLYN x FINIS have joined forces to get your WHOLE team, club, or organisation in quality matching suits this season. We know you train HARD and our fabrics are designed to work as hard as you do! Soon, you can have a uniformed look for everyone on your team to train and compete in, with our eagerly awaited JOLYN x FINIS range, including options for JUNIORS and expanded offering for the fellas on your team.

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