Questions we get asked many times a day: "I'm ordering for a team, do we get them cheaper?"... "I have a really full cart, can I have a discount?" ... "When are you having a sale?" ... "Where can I find your discounted items?"... and to each of these questions, we have just one answer.

We try to keep our prices low all year round, so it's fair for everyone and no one feels like they've missed out on the deal of the century. Hence, you won't find clearance items doing their final lap on our website, we don't offer discounts for groups or teams or bulk purchases because you've accidentally filled up your shopping cart and can't bear to put pieces back, and you'll be on a never ending hunt trawling those fabulous promo code sites trying to find a JOLYN coupon because, spoiler alert, you won't find one.

Our sales are few and far between, and only for a damn good reason (like our Bushfire Fundraiser to help care for injured and homeless koalas), so don't hold your breath for a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, or leave your Christmas shopping until Boxing Day in the hopes we'll slash our prices like the rest of the world, or fill up your cart and then wait a few days to see if we'll send you a discount code to get you to finalise your order (we love this trick, but it ain't gonna work on us).

In conclusion, if you've got your heart set on new JOLYN, don't wait. Our stuff is super limited edition and often there's only one or two available of each style, so mark our words someone will buy it out from underneath you if you think about it for too long. And once it's gone, it's gone.

If you're still looking for savvy ways to get the most out of your shop with us, become a member of the JOLYN Squad (see that sneaky "Rewards" button in the bottom corner? CLICK IT) - you can earn points for every dollar you spend, and a few random bonus points here and there to build up your balance. Once you've got enough points, redeem them for fun things like free shipping or extra stickers with your next order. Another way to get free postage if you're new to JOLYN, is to sign up to our mailing list [click here] and we'll email you a code to cover the cost of your shipping.

And that, my friends, should answer all your questions about sales, discounts, coupon codes, and more. But if it doesn't, send us an email - we love a good chat. 

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