Sales Rep for US Midwest // whitney@jolynclothing.com // @jolynmidwest

With a background in exercise science and athletics, Whitney has always been surrounded by fitness and active lifestyles. Her father was a collegiate swimmer and got her in the water at an early age. She started competitive swimming a little late compared to some, but has ramped up her training in the past several years and now swims with her Master's team, Agon.  She also competes in distance running events. Besides swimming and running, her athletic background is very diverse, competing in everything from collegiate rowing, to triathlon, to downhill skiing.

"For me, swimming and running is part of my daily routine, and racing is just a great excuse for me to visit cool places! Now I also have Jolyn as a reason for me to travel around and meet other fun women along the way. A friend with a lifetime of experience in aquatics recommended Jolyn to me, and I was immediately hooked on the brand. You might say I have a slight obsession with the brand now because I find myself checking the website for new suits constantly. I don't want to miss out on any new unique suits because their cult-like following can cause them sell out FAST!  It's so exciting to be able to spread the Jolyn love here in Indiana, although I'm almost sad I won't be one of the few women rocking them around here;)  I want to promote both healthy and adventurous living, and I think working with a company like Jolyn which is run by such positive, athletic women is one way for me to do that!"

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