Everyone! Keep your eyes out for these hats!


This hat is by Jenelle Shelby, funniest and coolest thing at the same time, and got the attention of everyone at Nationals.  Ashley got her story- here it is in Janelle's own words...

"Ok, I thought of the idea when we were at a tournament last year, my friend was sick and couldn't play, I told her to wear her cap on the bench because she was still apart of our team, she wore it but felt weird wearing the cap, so I told her I would make her a beanie instead, because she was cheering from the bench, that is why the name "Bench Beanie" is perfect for it . Also, I use recycled ear caps from broken or ripped caps. The first time I wore it was to a game at a snack bar and a mom asked me where she could buy her daughter one. Everywhere I go that has to do with water polo people are always interested."


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