One Creative Slogan + an Eco/ sustainable workout swim suit


I was down at my local pool doing what I call a "whatever" swim, where you don't really swim much at all, but talk your brains out with anyone who's willing to listen to your banter.  I had just finished selling some suits on deck and was now talking about new Jolyn products that have yet to hit the internet market, like our suit sewn with polyester fabric made from a yarn produced by recycled water bottles (pretty neat huh!), that are on limited order.  My friend and I then started talking about slogans, and we thought it would be cool to have something like, "1,000 colorful swims in one purchase," or, "1,000 swims while looking good," or something like that, hinting at the fact our suits are super durable.  This evolved into "1,000 MORE swims while looking good."  And from there we came up with "1,000 more swims while looking good, sounding good, and tasting good."  You can see where we started getting weird...

I looked up from the pool and saw a man typing away on his cell phone while my friend and I were jabbering about these "business like" ideas. He was wearing a hat with a big De Soto label on it and had a De Soto backpack next to him.  Could this be De Soto himself?? Of course not.  No way, not at the same pool I'm at. Then his wife got out of the water and she had a De Soto swimsuit on.  So I asked my friend if he or she was sponsored by De Soto... Turns out the man was De Soto, like of THE De Soto mega company that makes Triathlon apparel and swimwear.  Oh no.  Not good.  A competitor- and not just a competitor, but the owner of an incredibly well establish company, and former part owner of Tinley, one of the first triathlon apparel companies in existence (check out the photo of Scott Tinley and I from about 10 blog posts ago!).  Should I be concerned? What was he typing into his phone?  Was he sending out an email, and if so, what was it about??  Am I being narcissistic by thinking he cares?  Crud! I don't know what's going to happen now - he was there during EVERYTHING, and would had to have heard everything.  All of my friends told me his company's product is way different than mine and not to worry, so I'm going to try my best not to.

Ugh.  I tried calling Ashley to tell her all about it, but she didn't pick up.

[caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="487" caption="This is our "Eco Suit," made with a polyester fabric made from recycled water bottles. Patagonia and The North Face use the same yarn this suit is made from, and from what I understand, will be using a lot more of it over the next few years."][/caption]

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