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In one of my last blogs I briefly mentioned a company named TIEM – a swimwear company created and managed by a long time Los Angeles County and California State Lifeguard named Tandis Morgan and her brother Tyler.  All I had known about Tandis before I met her was that she spent A LOT of time designing, trying, and testing her suits.  The rumor is 10 years, but I have yet to hear this from her own mouth, so don’t quote me. So when you buy a TIEM suit, you can think to yourself, “10 years of testing went into this piece.” The company name is her initials spelled out… fellow lifeguards and surfers started getting her suits before there was a name and simply used to refer to them as her initials.

During our first phone call, all we did was agree on everything.  We agreed on how there is ALWAYS a better fit to discover and it’s up to both of us to find it; good customer service is a necessity; and swimwear should be made in a way where we would personally want it, except for the fact that I’m a guy and I can’t wear what we make here at JOLYN. Although Tandis does all of the above (she personally answers and attends to every customer question, diligently develops her own pieces, and importantly won’t put anything with her company’s name on it that she wouldn’t buy herself), she hugely stresses this last point and finds it to be the driving factor behind the success she’s had. She’s been able to design for the female water rippers out there, which she embodies.  For those who don’t know, she’s put in her time competing for the USA in international lifeguard competition.  Back in the day we crossed paths but never knew it.

We’re supposed to grab a bite to eat here this week up in Hermosa where she just moved into a new studio next to the ocean.  If I wasn’t already jealous enough, she’s got a new place on the sand.

Tandis in the middle, and her inspiration - the 1960's San Onofre surf scene on the left and right.

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