To one of the most generous business owners I've met


I met Karen Schmidt Allard a year ago.  I didn’t meet Karen because of her product, but because of her personality.  Let me explain: I met her through a swim buddy of mine when we were trying to get things going here at Jolyn.  He did me a favor and got us in touch so I could learn about entrepreneurship, so I raced up to her Orange County office to meet her.

She has a shampoo company named Tri-Swim, an anti goggle fog lubricant named Foggle, and an anti rashing/ chaffing spray on named Tri Slide.  When we met she didn’t talk about her own success one bit, or any of her products she’d spent years developing.  She only thought about how she could help me.  She made calls to the biggest swimwear boutiques in the Western USA to help get my product into stores; she put my fliers into her outgoing packages to customers to help promote my online business; and returned every one of my phone calls and answered every question I ever asked a favor of.  On top of that, she hired the nicest, best employees you could imagine who have all extended help to me in one way or another.

She’s an innovator and has an unbelievably helpful and giving personality who puts others before her own self.  Check out her website… just google Tri Swim Shampoo and/ or SBR Sports and it should come up (I've also posted a link below). And her shampoo works- it really does do the job without giving you an oily head like other “swim” shampoos.

you can see how popular Karen's business has become. And they deserve all the success that comes to them.

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