More companies moving into athletic swim market


By 2013 you're going to see some action sports brands hitting the all encompassing outdoor market (a.k.a. the athletic market) with ferosity, re-branding themselves and putting companies like Patagonia, The North Face, Athletica, Lulu, and yes, even TYR & Speedo up against even more competition in an already hyper-competitive marketplace.  Wonder if they'll make caps and goggles, and mens skimpies... we could use some over here.

We can't wait... we're expecting to see some fresh ideas, a different look at things, and just look at their  media - go to Surfer Magazine's blog to see great photography.  We've been wanting to film swimming and water polo like Taylor Steele does surfing, with adventure and character being the focus of the product, but unfortunately nothing's been able to fall into place due to our sports' political roadblocks.  We hope they can get somewhere- with enough financing anything is possible.

...together at last.

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