Photographic print


Our concept was simple: to do onto swimwear what's done on t-shirts.   We started working with fine art/ acrylic in 2009, and people gave us funny looks when we said we wanted to put a giant howling wolf on a 1pc.  In 2010 Casey Wisden worked with us on collage art where we created our foil suit experiments (you can see them in our older entries) to see how print would react when placed on a gold fabric. In 2010 Mallyce from Laeken showed us what AUS brand We Are Handsome was doing with photographs, and everyone's mind was blown, because they do what they do so well.    Now take a look at some of Wildfox' 2012 collection.  How rad would this be on your water polo uniform?  Imagine a team named the Broncos having a giant photo of a bronco on their team suit.

We Are Handsome 2010 & 2011 Collections...

Wildfox' 2012 collection...

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