Mallyce Miller on DNA's "Creative Spotlight"


DNA recently interviewed Mallyce about her company LAEKEN, working in Los Angeles, consulting for Kill City, Wasteland, and Guy Baxter, loving the blog Dirty Flaws, and even our collaboration together. Here it is below...

"If you're an L.A. girl, you've seen and met Mallyce Miller at our pop-up's at Space 15 Twenty.  She's very outgoing, knows how to hustle her brand Laeken, a great collaborator and like us is obsessed with the "NEW, THE NEXT, and THE INNOVATIVE."  Designer and Trend Forecaster, Mallyce has been a part of the fashion industry for 11 years and now consults with contemporary brands like Kill City, Guy Baxter and Wasteland.  What is Trend Forecasting? "It’s about paying attention to the different & the diverse, the patterns that we recognize & the anomalies that disrupt & confound them." (Read more here.)

mallyce miller jolyn

Mallyce Miller Laeken denim & Sarah Silverman

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