We just added some amazing dye prints online here! Get them while they're HOTTTTT.  AND.......We are giving away one FREE size small tie dye suit for the MALLYCExJOLYN Collab. All you have to do is make a cool graphic collage including one or all of the suits below AND a woman of interest.  This could be an athlete, a musician or even something random like our sample image from the movie The 5th Element.  Then, you have to post it on instagram and hashtag #MALLYCExJOLYN and #JOLYN .  (if you don't have instagram, you can post it on our facebook page!) The best collage wins a free suit! Contest ends August 19th. 2 Weeks from now. instagram-mallyce-prints-contest below is a sample of what we are talkin about. instagram-mallyce-contest-graphics

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