2020 OCEAN POOL CHALLENGE // Bushfire Fundraiser 🏊‍♀️


Meet Cris & Eve, two self-confessed water babies and ocean lovers, lucky enough to call our beautiful country of Australia home. After seeing the destruction and pain caused by the recent bushfires they've decided to do their bit to help in the most Aussie way known - a water-themed fitness challenge. 💪💦

On Tuesday 28th January Cris & Eve will be SWIMMING 20 LAPS in 20 OCEAN POOLS around Sydney, IN JUST ONE DAY! That's 400 laps, or 15km, to squeeze in between sunrise and sunset... plus travel time between the pools, it's going to be organised chaos, and we cannot wait to watch it all unfold!


The girls are swimming in an attempt to raise money for a swimming coach friend, Stephen Alderman, his wife, two sons and their local community who have all been affected by the bushfires. Stephen's family have lost their entire house and family business. You can read his devastating story below.


In addition to raising money, these beautiful souls really hope that the 2020 Challenge can bring people together. We all believe in the power of salt water to heal and connect, and Australia (and the world) needs this now more than ever!

 FOR ANYONE IN SYDNEY;  please PLEASE go jump in for a few laps in one of the 20 pools on Cris & Eve's route. The route and timings will be released very soon on their GoFundMe page, and you'll be able to follow their progress live on Instagram on the day:

Our favourite part of the whole event? This, taken from the girls GoFundMe page - What we'd really like most of all is for the challenge to bring everyone together, as a community, at the end of the day for a small gathering and celebration. For Cris, Eve and Stephen, the pool has always been a special place where we have made lots of friends (including each other!) and one of the best things about these ocean pools is the sense of community they create. So after 400 laps we'll be arriving at the North Bondi Children's Pool, target time is (hopefully!) 8pm. There'll be some drinks, food and a little celebration! - GO JOIN THEM! LET'S SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER IN TIMES OF NEED, YOU'LL MEET SOME AMAZING NEW FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY!






 STEPHEN'S STORY:  On NYE 2019 our home of 10 years was obliterated in the firestorm that took Conjola Park.  We moved to Conjola Park to have a life of sun, surf and tranquility for ourselves and our two little boys, now 8 and 12 years old.  On the morning of NYE the firestorm whipped up so fast with no warning and no emergency services to help us understand what was happening around us.  We had to make split decisions to find a way out as we were being engulfed with fire. Justine and the boys were forced to drive through fire, and were stranded in a burnt out area of the Princes Highway before being escorted by a Fire Fighter to the Sussex Inlet turnoff.  It was here they were then met with a roadside spot fire that turned into a fireball and forced them to drive into Sussex Inlet where the fire jumped the highway and chased them up the Sussex Inlet Rd.  After spending a night at the Evacuation Centre with no power, no internet and no mobile reception I was left with no choice but to obtain a boat and go and rescue them from the canal of Sussex Inlet.

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