DRYLAND ACTIVEWEAR // 5 ways our Dryland Collection is gonna rock your world

So you know aaaaaall about our swimwear, obvs. But how much do you know about our activewear? Not much? Let us fill in the gaps..

#1. Limited edition prints, like our swimwear.
Our most popular swimwear prints are recreated in sporty style, taking your favourite looks from wet to dry. We only do one print run of all our designs, so when you wear Jolyn, you know you won't look like the rest of the pack. If you love a design, don't wait - if we sell out, we ain't getting more!

#2. Not just for sport.
We've got shorts for all occasions - Silas Velvets are perfect for lounging AND lunging, with their melting velvety feel and breathable design. Danes are tight, secure and built for holding it all in, but also super comfy if you wanna just chill (and look 100% fit while doing so). Because really, who doesn't rock activewear with zero intentions of actually working out?

#3. Surprisingly versatile with extra features.
Our Dane workout shorts are no-nonsense, with a snug elastic supportive waistband. The compressive fabric is also sweat wicking, for the rigorous workout women amongst us. Silas Velvet shorts are an easy fit, made even easier with a foldable waistband to change the fit and length to suit your body. It's sweet little features like these that mean you get more bang for your buck.

#4. Durable and everlasting. 
Like everything Jolyn, our Dryland Activewear is built to last, and is guaranteed to look good their entire life. Tried and tested by hardcore athletes, workout warriors, and lounge lizards alike, we know our products can survive anything and everything you throw at 'em. All materials are responsibly sourced and ready for strenuous action (or lazing around, your choice).

#5. Dare to be different.
Designed to stand out from the pack, our Dryland Activewear doesn't look like anything you'll find on the shelf. It's special. It's not like the rest. The cuts, prints, and general bad-assery that comes with the whole range means your workout look is as individual and unique as you are. 

Now get out there and werk it!

Shop our Jolyn Australia Dryland Activewear collection now.

Love, Jolyn Australia x. 

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