FOR WOMEN WHO INSPIRE // Harriet Brown 🏄‍♀️


"I love my body, not for how it looks but how it feels. Energetic, healthy, fit and strong. I love that feeling of knowing I can lift myself up, punch through a wave and run fast.
Sometimes my body doesn’t always look the way I want it to. But I have learnt that that is just my perception - the way I see myself. Perception can be always changed by changing your thought approach.
When I am kind to my body, fuel it well, look after it by letting it rest...that’s when am feeling my most content and confident 👊🏼💫" - @harrietbrown; World Surf Ironwoman Champ, Exercise Physiologist, and 11/10 amazing human.
We all need to take a little of Harriet’s advice and understand that PERCEPTION and REALITY are two very different things. It’s not what you look like, it’s how you feel ❣️🙈

Love yourself more.

Jolyn Australia x.

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