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We'd love to invite you to apply for the best job in the world... unless you're allergic to polyester, or water, or you don't like fun. Then it's just a regular job but with pretty cool people.

Jolyn is an active swimwear company built for women who inspire. We've been growing pretty quickly and need some help capitalising on all our opportunities. 

We're looking for someone flexible and up for regular adventures around Aus and New Zealand slingin' kinis and onesies. 

Our mission is to inspire women to feel beautiful in their own body, proud of who they are, and capable of anything.

What you would be doing

Could you sell ice to an eskimo? No? That's cool, neither can we. 

We just want you to make our customers feel special. 

To do this we need someone that will:

  • Learn and understand our styles
  • Book events/shows 
  • Grow and coordinate group orders
  • Travel regularly to attend events/shows often on the weekends
  • Build rapport with customers, coaches, parents
  • Help first-timers get the right fit
  • Know how to close sales without being too 'salesy'
  • Monthly sales reporting tracking progress
  • Adapt and help out across all areas of the business

Experience in a similar role is preferred, great sense of humour and attitude is a must.

  • Loves adventures
  • Ambitious
  • Enthusiastic
  • Love People!
  • Passionate
  • Target driven 
  • Superb Communications Skills
  • Be able to adjust your style according to your audience
  • Self Motivated

*When you apply, please tell us what your favourite food is and why? 

ps. you won't make friends with salad.

Sound like your kind of thang? >> APPLY HERE >>

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