JOLYN COLLECTORS CLUB // Exclusive collector pins, catch 'em all! 📌


The next few months will weed out who the REAL JOLYN FANS are, the dedicated hardcore enthusiasts, the ones who can wear their badge of honour (quite literally) with pride.... SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! 👊👊

Each month, starting December 1st (today!) we'll release an exclusive, cool as heck, money-can't-buy JOLYN COLLECTOR PIN. These pins are FREE with any purchase (both online and at our popup shops) so you can get your hands on one of these bad boys anywhere you see JOLYN over the next few months.

This guy 👇 is December's unique pin, with a new pin being released on the first of each month.

We're releasing SIX PINS in total, encapsulating our unique, quirky, happy as Larry personality; so you're most definitely gonna want to collect them all.

The monthly design is a BIG surprise 😯 damn, we don't even know what's going to feature on next month's pin! But you bet we're going to catch 'em ALL. You'll just have to follow our socials and come back to our website on the first of every month, to find out what pin you'll be adding to your collection next....

Have you got what it takes to join the elite JOLYN COLLECTORS CLUB, proudly showing off all six pins after months of dedication to get every design we release?? Place your order this December to earn your first badge and kick start your collection with our Chiller Bully pin.


  • Posted on by Bella Banister

    Love this

  • Posted on by Allie Mancini

    Hey Jolyn, I have been a huge fan of your work and designs and you guys always know how to make sure that everyone has the chance to feel good with their bodies and with there togs. As you have done that to me. And I have been watching so many reviews on YouTube and your blogs about your swim line. And about 2 months ago I messaged you guys and you replied so fast and you made me pick togs that are best for my body shape and to keep me supported as I am a athlete, so I find running stressful to stay compatible and fitted and with boarding and swimming as well. So you guys definitely fixed that for me and for so many other beautiful, strong girls as well. Thank you thank you so much to give me the chance to feel in good and look great in my togs again, along with other strong girls. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕👏 p.s YOU HAVE SAVED LIVES

  • Posted on by Holly

    This is a really good idea!!

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