Posted on by Jess Walker

Feeling fabulous and ready for the day after your swim, only to catch sight of your reflection and realise you actually resemble a drowned rat? We've all been there. Many times. So, we've perfected the art of recovering our lovely locks - here are our fave tips for avoiding the drenched look.

While some thrive on the salty tousled look, it can also leave your hair feeling pretty rubbish. Or if you're a pool dweller, chlorine + blonde = green. Yeah, nice. Make sure you get your head under a stream of water to clear away any chemicals and wash out the salty/sandy look as soon as you're finished with your swim.

Invest in a good quality leave-in conditioner, specifically formulated for dry hair (regardless of the state of your hair) as this will help to counteract the effects of chlorine and salt water.

Oh PRAISE THE LORD for whoever invented this magic in a can. If leave-in conditioner makes your hair heavy and limp, skip that step. Instead, dry your hair off, then empty a can of dry shampoo into your locks (OK, not a can, you actually shouldn't need much at all to give your hair a quick zhoosh). TA-DA! Fresh as a daisy!

Best solution, don't even get it wet! Keep your hair fresh and ready for any occasion with one of our trendy and oh-so-convenient swim caps. Available in four colours to suit your style, grab one with your next order for just $10.

Love, Jolyn Australia x.