OCEAN FRIENDS // our fave underwater treasures! 🐡🌊



THEY'RE BACK! We've just recently brought back some of our most loved old school prints, which have been flying out the door! To celebrate the return of our OCEAN FRIENDS print, we're sharing some awesome facts so you can learn all about the cute little friends featured on our togs!


JOLYN Australia Swimwear blog - new prints facts about sea animals puffer fish

Scientists believe that PUFFER FISH (also known as Blowfish), developed their ability to inflate because of their very slow and clumsy swimming skills which make them an easier target for predators! Since they are unable to quickly swim away to escape predators, a Puffer Fish swallows large amounts of water to puff up into a large, inedible ball. Some Puffer Fish species even have spines sticking out to make it even harder for them to be eaten! 🐡

DID YOU KNOW - as a Puffer Fish gulps in water, its stomach inflates and can grow up to ONE HUNDRED TIMES bigger than its original size!


JOLYN Australia Swimwear blog - new prints facts about sea animals stingray

STINGRAYS spend most of their time just chilling, partially buried beneath the sand on the ocean floor, slowly moving along with the tide. That sounds like a pretty nice life if you ask us!! A Stingray's outer colour reflects the seafloor's shading to help them camouflage from predators such as sharks or larger Stingrays.

DID YOU KNOW - Stingrays are extremely unique as they have absolutely ZERO BONES in their body! Their skeleton is made up of flexible cartilage, which is the same bendy stuff that our ears and nose are made from!👂👃


JOLYN Australia Swimwear blog - new prints facts about sea animals narwhal

Unicorns do exist after all... they just live underwater! NARWHALS, also known as 'UNICORNS OF THE SEA' 🦄, are medium-sized toothed whales found in Arctic  waters and rivers. These incredible creatures live for an average of 50 years, however recent research has revealed that some Narhwals may be able to live up to 115 years old! 🤯

DID YOU KNOW - a narwhals tusk is actually a TOOTH which is super flexible - it can bend about a foot before breaking!


So now that you know ALLL about these special sea animals, you better be quick if you want to get your hands on our OCEAN FRIENDS, as we only have a few pieces left! SHOP NOW to add this limited edition print to your JOLYN treasure chest before it is buried again forever! 🔐🌊 if you missed out on OCEAN FRIENDS don't worry, you'll absolutely love our GNARWHAL PRINT from our latest print release, featuring our fave NARWHAL friend!💕


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