PLASTIC FREE JULY ♻️ // Do your bit.


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We're taking Plastic Free JULY seriously here at JOLYN, and we want YOU to follow suit (pun intended).

FIRSTLY, we're releasing our FIRST EVER RECYCLED swimsuit this month, created with fabric made from upcycled single-use plastic water bottles. Pretty freakin cool, huh? This suit is named SURFRIDER, and is made in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation - an organisation dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches around the globe through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education or C.A.R.E. Surfrider's purpose is to protect oceans, waves and beaches through C.A.R.E., with their mission & vision being to inspire an engaged surfing and coastal community who are passionate about protecting oceans, waves and beaches. Learn more about Surfrider Foundation in Australia here, and see how you can get involved.

Back to our recycled suit! It all starts with a recycling plant where they separate out bottles labelled with a ♳ (PET plastic) on the bottom, wash them, and chop the bottles into little tiny bits. From there, the tiny bits are melted into even tinier balls, and those balls are melted into a plasma that is finally stretched into strong fibres that are then knit into recycled polyester swim fabric. The recycled polyester is both soft and durable, wicks your sweat, fights stink, and reduces virgin plastic production. It also helps to prevent these virgin plastics from ending up disposed of incorrectly and polluting our ocean and coasts. So yeah, we're stoked. This eco collection is extremely limited edition, with only the Tomcat top, the Andy bottom, and the Europe bottom gracing our shelves in this magical fabric. **ARRIVING SOON** get your name on the restock alerts list now and feel damn good about it, knowing that 50% of profits from the Surfrider print support Surfrider's mission to protect clean water and healthy beaches.

SECONDLY, we want YOU to consciously recognise that single-use plastics aren't needed, and deliberately avoid them whenever you have the chance. That's why for the month of July, we want you to opt out of packaging with your order, and we'll chuck in a Dry Bag for $5 (RRP $15) so you have a super convenient, non-plastic way to transport your soggy togs after training. 120 million people worldwide are choosing to be part of PLASTIC FREE JULY, will you join them? Add this product to your cart, and we'll leave out as many single-use plastic nasties as we can by packing your order in one of our lightweight, water resistant Dry Bags - a favourite ride-or-die companion of water women everywhere.

If you do still end up with a little bit of plastic this month (it's inevitable), learn how to recycle this with the REDcycle plastic recycling program - available at a supermarket near you! Recycle your Australia Post mailing satchels, choccy wrappers, bread bags, bubble wrap, chip packets and more, knowing that your plastic waste is being turned into park benches and other outdoor furniture, signage, bollards, asphalt, and so many other ingenious things! Since launching, REDcycle has collected enough pieces of soft post-consumer packaging to circle the world over 5.5 times 🌏 That's over 900 million pieces of plastic that'll never end up in landfill, on our beaches or in our waterways 🚯 With a total weight of over 3600 tonnes, that's equivalent to 900 elephants (weighing 4 tonnes each). 🐘 Mmmm. 

Let's all collectively make an effort to say no to that single-use plastic bag, refuse that plastic straw, pack lunch in a reusable container rather than cling wrap, take a drink bottle everywhere we go rather than buying bottled water, and educate ourselves on ways we can make the world greener, cleaner, and a happier place for ourselves, our animals, our oceans, our souls. One in, all in.


JOLYN Australia x.

$5 Dry Bag only available with another purchase - this product can only be purchased as an add-on to your order, if you want to grab a Dry Bag on it's own, get yours HERE!

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