Post-Training Yummy Protein Porridge


Hey Jolyn Fans! We’re here with a little treat for you - literally. This breakfast tastes so good, it could be a dessert.  

We have all been told the importance of a good breakfast time after time. Especially in the peak of training, it's important to replenish your muscles after all the hard work they just did for you! But everyone gets tired of eggs, fruit and yogurt sometimes! So if you’re looking to spice up your breakfast life, we are here to help you out. We're almost  into championship season and we want YOU to be the best you can be – and hangry is definitely not the best you. 

Harriet Brown's Yummy Protein Porridge for refueling after training.

JOPRO, exercise physiologist, World Surf Ironwoman Champion, pilates instructor, and health guru Harriet Brown dropped an insider tip about her favourite ways to fuel after a hard training. She gave us an awesome recipe for yummy protein porridge that is perfect for those long trainings in chilly waters. It will refuel you and get you on the road to recovery for the next training. And it’s like a lil party in your mouth. Who doesn’t want that?

BONUS: this breakfast is completely customizable. Your favourite toppings aren’t listed? NO WORRIES. Add whatever you want to make it YOUR new go-to breakfast.

Other options include: mango, banana, peach with extra cinnamon… or banana, blueberry and cocoa nibs… the possibilities are endless!

Share your favorite post training breakfast porridge flavor combos with us and keep up the hard work.




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