RAMSHARK ūü¶ą // Listen up, lads! We've found Australia's greatest men's togs


Our customers always ask if we make anything for men; we don't, because designing swimwear that helps women feel confident and beautiful is, and always will be, our priority. So we shopped around, and had the dudes in our lives trial a little-known local boutique men's swimwear label. And holy WOW, we think we've stumbled across Australia's best kept secret. That secret is RAMSHARK. Really, really, really good men's togs.

Ramshark is like the male equivalent of Jolyn. These rad swimming trunks are the epitome of mens swimwear; finest quality Italian fabric, simple cut and easy design, drawstring waist to hold 'em up in all conditions, double lining on the front, in 4x of the most manly colours, all while keeping comfort as key. Ramshark only do one style, and they do it so well that they really needn't bother expanding their product range, this one style literally suits all. And at just 40 bucks a pop, these bad boys deserve a spot in your boy's training backpack, beach bag and vacay suitcase.


Worn by Nutrigrain Ironmen before, during, and after competing - Ramsharks are that good, the lads just won't take them off. They're also the offical partner and men's swimwear of choice during the OCEAN6 Series.

So if you're heading out for a splash with your man-friend, get them into a pair of Ramsharks, and you'll be the sharpest looking power couple¬†in (and out) of the water ūüĎÄ

Head over to the RAMSHARK website today, and grab a pair, or four - one of every colour, why not! We know the guys are gonna love them. They're also chucking in a free pair of goggles with every order, worth $25. You'll swim faster than sound with this winning combo.


Jolyn Australia x.

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