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We hear it all the time - "My boobs are too big for JOLYNs", "No one makes sports swim tops that keep my E cup girls in control and look good", "I'm a bigger gal, 'athletic swimwear' won't suit me".... Nah-ah sis! Hear firsthand from our blessed-chested, bootylicious customers which styles keep them feeling unstoppable in the water, without the wardrobe malfunctions.


"Any woman with a larger chest-area will understand the impossibility of finding *any* swimsuits that are supportive and don’t need to be pulled up more times than anyone cares to count. On the other hand though, buying a bikini can be intimidating, because there are almost no brands that a) make in larger sizes, b) make them in non-ugly ways, and c) are comfortable (ie/ not going to kill your neck and shoulders 2 minutes in). JOLYN have made a product that is absolutely fantabulous! It is wearable in all manner of activities; in swimming, it is snug and secure; SLS it is non-chafing (A Godsend), yet keeps everything in place effortlessly; and under shirts day-to-day it has such a relaxed feel without you feeling that you really should have worn a real bra ... miraculous! Anyhow; if you are scared of swimming due to concerns about support, or struggle with body image due to the chestal area - this top will change the whole way you think..." - Pippi M. // Grayson Tie-back Top

"Ive found my tribe! this is now the 3rd Jolyn swimming top Ive bought and am so happy Ive discovered them. I literally live in them. supportive but feminine, doesnt fade or go see through. Im a DD-E and struggle to find appropriate tops for training and swimming. The complete package right here." Dominique K. // Leon Fixed-Back Top

"Having a bigger bust (F cup) has made it hard to find a swimmer top that has enough coverage, stays put in the waves and still looks good. Stoked with the Grayson top, even comfy under a wetsuit.. unheard of!" - Kerry O. // Grayson Tie-back Top

"Absolutely loved this top! Was very nervous about wearing a two-piece for the first time in a training session, especially as a big busted gal! But I had no slippage at all, the coverage was perfect. Loved the colour too, and will definitely be using it regularly during outdoor pool season 😍" - Naomi P. // Grayson Tie-Back Top

"I love it! I've got a slightly larger bust and swimsuits regularly make me feel uncomfortable and not secure, this swimsuit fitted my figure nicely and made me feel confident and amazing! No more being cautious around waves for me 🏄‍♀️" - Emily O. // Gavin Tie-back Onesie

"I absolutely love my new swimmers!!!!!!!! They make me feel so confident in the water, the cut of the swimmer really suit my body as it's not too much bum showing and I like how they come up here so I don't feel like my chest is being too exposed. I feel like I look fantastic in them love them lots!! Thanks JOLYN" - Isabella I. // Drew Fixed-Back Onesie

"I was hesitant to buy this suit at first since I had never had a JOLYN before and didn't really understand the hype. After getting this suit I can say it is THE BEST SUIT I HAVE EVER OWNED!!! I have a big torso and it fits great. It looks amazing and the back design is so cute! Not to mention the JOLYN support team was so kind and helped me figure out the best swimsuit for me." - Anon. // Drew Fixed-Back Onesie

"This was my first JOLYN purchase...I am more than satisfied. It fits like a glove. I am short and curvy and have a hard time trying to find swim suits and one pieces, especially, that fit. This is perfect. It stays in place and squishes the girls so they don't move through all my activities. I have worn this suit surfing, swimming, boating, and tanning, and it suits it all (pun intended)! - Caroline C. // Brandon Fixed-Back Onesie

"I have always found it hard to find bathers that work for me and my body type. It got to the stage where I only felt comfortable in the wide strap Speedos but they weren't water repellent or tight enough for the competitive swimming I wanted. When I found out about JOLYN I was so eager to get on the website and try some out. My bathers arrived so quickly and with such cute packaging. I remember the first time I swam in them - I couldn't believe how fast and confident they made me feel. They helped me achieve a level in training that I would have never been able to reach. Without the confidence within, I had no chance to be where I am today." - Amy L.

"Such a flattering fit I’m a 12DD and wear a large ( could probably go a medium), it’s so comfy and great for all activities from surf boat rowing to gym training!" - Teagan M. // Sarae Sport Bra

"After attending 3 different pop ups, I was finally left with one stand out Tomcat top! The JOLYN team were so helpful when I was trying to figure out what size I was/what was the most comfortable! As a busty gal, it was important that I wasn't go to have any malfunctions when swimming and it's done an outstanding job of keeping me in while also looking cute! 100 points for support and pretti-ness! I'm hooked!" - Mia S. // Tomcat Tie-Back Top 

"Love the quality of the fabric as well as the support, both I really value. I'm recommending Jolyn it to all my active girl friends." - Anon. // Tomcat Tie-Back Top

"I wear this top all the time! Love the security, the coverage level, the colour! I often have trouble finding bikinis for sport at the beach whilst having larger boobs. In regards to support and coverage - usually too much because you need the support. I have been asked where it's from so many times whilst playing Beach Volley. Now will be a staple for my 2-a-side team. I do everything at the beach in this top. Highly recommend! I did have to go to a large because of my bust despite having a small back. I do usually fit a medium so they may be on the smaller side ? Highly recommend!" - Zoe B. // Adrian Fixed-Back Top

"LOVE this top! Great support and perfect for if you want a cute suit with good coverage! I got a 2XL and I am about a 16C and it fits great." - Shannon C. // Ryan Tie-Back Top

"Okay so I recently bought this top and I have a super athletic body as I'm a gymnast so finding a comfortable top is hard to find. I'm pure muscle but I am also larger busted, I'm a 32D and I have a hard time finding full coverage bathing suit tops. I ordered this top in a 2XL thinking the more coverage the better and oh my goodness it fit perfect! Def order this!" - Hannah M. // Ryan Tie-Back Top

"I ordered this because I saw other reviews saying that it held their larger boobs in, as a DD it's hard to find cute tops that I'm not spilling out of. I Ordered three colors of this top in a 2XL and I love them. I was going to order the XL but my mum advised me to get the 2XL and I'm glad I did. I wore the tops my whole beach holiday. Between playing in the waves and swimming, and even running around playing with a ridiculous 12 foot beachball, I had no nip-slips! I felt supported and comfortable and I looked good at the same time." - Danni C. // Triangle Tie-Back Top

"I absolutely love JOLYNs! They are both comfortable and flattering on girls of all shapes and ages and I am absolutely addicted!!" - Alexandra R. // Chevy Fixed-Back Onesie

"I've tried almost all styles in JOLYN because I have a hard time finding a style that fits me and I finally found one! I have a small torso but bigger chest so it's hard to find something that has more coverage and fits me. I swim competitively so this suit is for me." - Lilly // Chevy Fixed-Back Onesie

"My JOLYN make me feel comfortable and like no one is judging my body shape. I don't have to worry about what people think because they are too busy looking at the pattern 😉" - Riley H.

"I'm a bustier swimmer (36D) and usually I have a hard time finding suits that will stay in place at the top. This suit is high cut enough in the top that I never have any problems!" - Caitlin // Murray Fixed-Back Onesie

"I love my JOLYN! It's really nice overall. I'm a size 38 (the biggest size) and I'm really pleased especially with the Cabernet colour, really cute. I thought it was going to be small and now that I have one I realise how the JOLYN community really is promoting body positivity. The swimsuit is a tad bit snug on the butt, but nothing that is uncomfortable. So great experience all together" - Brooklyn // Jackson Tie-Back Onesie

"I literally could live in this suit. The suit itself just compliments anyone's body. For me I love the lavender coloured one because it just looks great on my skin. The whole suit is pretty adjustable and is really nice if you are really tall but you have a big torso. Over all great suit." - Alyssa // Jackson Tie-Back Onesie

"I have a big, athletic butt, and most of the bikini bottoms on the market show my crack, so when I put on JOLYN Andy bottoms, I love that they're cute and still cover my entire butt top to bottom without looking like "Granny Panties". I love that they have enough material (up and down) to cover. (Not sure if that makes sense to anyone except those that have a big booty.) - April L. // Andy Bottom

"I am in love with these bottoms. I've got a bit of a booty so finding bottoms that are attractive and functional can be difficult. These bottoms have held up to the test. I swim laps in them so the drawstring comes in super handy. And then when I don't need as much security, I have the option to loosen them up a little without losing style or function. Would definitely buy again. Thanks JOLYN!" - Sarah B. // Andy Bottom

So whether you've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, a bit of junk in your trunk, or just more all over to love, we've got you covered. Check out our comprehensive Styles to Suit Your Body guide here, or hit us up below if you need help with your particular body type - we're experts in the fitting game.

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