TEAM ORDERS // 5 ways getting your squad sorted with us is a breeze!


HIBERNATION IS OVER!! We're heading back into the sunnier season, with the longer days, bluer skies and warmer waters... which means it's time to get your gang in formation! Gather round ladies, we're going to make your team orders a breeeeze this seeeeazon!


We've just introduced our online team ordering pages, which are unique to your club, team, or sister squad. Check out one here for an example of what we can do for your club. Want your very own? Email us!

The choice is ABSOLUTELY yours! You decide exactly what styles, colours, cuts, you want your team to wear. You decide exactly what your print will look like - size, colour, font, placement. You're not just limited to plain text either; we can print logos, graphics, even goddamn photos, onto your suit. So please, be as extra as can be, we LOVE printing weird sh*t.

There's no minimum order; we can print on 1 suit, or we can print on 100 suits. This is especially handy if you're a big team, as you can all buy online individually so there's no waiting around for the more.. indecisive.. members. Because we know all too well the devastation that can ensue when items sell out while waiting for slow Susan to decide between the Bali or the Midl (go the Midl, pro tip).

There are no set up or template fees, for ANYTHING, so seeya later hidden costs. We'll send you a printing mock up so you can see what your chosen design will look like on the actual swimwear, and can do as many rounds of changes to this before finalising your order. So forget about revision costs, be as picky as you like, because we want you to be as happy as unicorn eating cake on a rainbow.

We're fast. Like lightning. As soon as your mock up is approved and your order is paid in full, we'll get started. Your order will usually be turned around and ready to leave our warehouse in just five business days. Even sooner if you forgot to pack your team togs and just arrived on the Gold Coast for a comp in a few days and are freeeeaking out, ask us nicely and we'll see what we can do. 

Want to find out more? Visit our Group Orders page, or download our Team Printing brochure below.

As always, send us an email or give us a call if you want to chat about what we can do for you and your gang!

JOLYN Australia x.

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