THE O.G. IS IN THA HOUSE // Jolyn's ultimate comeback kid 👊

The ORIGINAL swimsuit that launched JOLYN into the onesie game - the O.G. is back in the house!

Like scrunchies, chokers, and tube tops, all good (mostly...) 90's fashion trends are making a resurgence, and this rad onesie remake is JOLYN's version of the ultimate comeback kid.

The O.G. was created to be a lightweight, non-restrictive training onesie; the signature "non-tacked" criss cross straps are not only visually striking but allow for unrestrained shoulder mobility, sitting perfectly between the shoulder blades, leaving the back open to allow for maximum flexibility.

With its slim bum coverage and updated strap and neckline fit, we're so happy to have our very first onesie back and BETTER. THAN. EVER! 

Let's relive our best lives and bring back the O.G.!!!

Jolyn Australia x.

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