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JOLYN Australia womens athletic swimwear Eve Thomas Olympic swimmer Q&A

Everyone meet Eve Thomas, our latest addition to the JOLYN athlete crew. She's a New Zealand Olympic Swimmer, World Champs Finalist and an incredibly inspiring woman with a whole lot of wisdom to share. We recently reached out to Eve with some questions so you can all get to know the wonderful water-woman herself and learn about her journey so far. Read the Q&A below! 👇


What do you love most about being a swimmer?

Racing. There is nothing I love more than getting behind the blocks, feeling the adrenaline and getting to battle it out in the pool! I have always been very competitive in nature so I feel very privileged that I’ve managed to make a career out of it.

What is your proudest achievement as an athlete so far?

My proudest achievement so far is making a World Championships final in Budapest last year. Walking out of the tunnel, wearing my team New Zealand tracksuit and a sticker with my last name on it while they announced my Name and Nation was one of the most terrifying yet exciting moments of my career so far!

JOLYN Australia womens athletic swimwear Eve Thomas Olympic Swimmer Q&A

What is the biggest life lesson swimming has taught you?

Swimming has taught me how to be disciplined. The commitment it takes to achieve highly in sport is often spoken about. Behaviours I have developed through swimming and have translated to other aspects of my life are punctuality, creating clear priorities which allow me to be as effective as possible, and most importantly how to work hard. These as qualities that I have found exceptionally helpful as I have progressed into adulthood.

What is your number one tip for young aspiring female swimmers?

Take your time and enjoy your journey. To become the best swimmer you can, you have to enjoy what you do. Waking up everyday and going to training should be something you look forward to! Whether it be to work hard or to see your friends. It is especially important to remind yourself that you do sport because you enjoy it! Often the pressure of swimming can become overwhelming, but take a step back and smell the roses, because how incredible is it to be involved in such an amazing sport?

What is your dream as a swimmer?

My long term dream with swimming is like most people involved in the sport, an Olympic medal (or two)! I’m hoping my passion for the sport enables me to turn it into a long and fruitful career. However, my main plan is to take my swimming as far as I can, so I have no regrets, and hopefully that is to the top! 

JOLYN Australia womens athletic swimwear Eve Thomas Olympic swimmer Q&A


Fave thing to do outside of swimming?

I LOVE gardening. Flowers, fruits and veggies, the works! In a lot of my downtime I spend time in my garden. It has become such a therapeutic way to do something productive without making me feel tired or stressed.

Fave food?

Pasta!! Specifically chilli prawn linguine.

JOLYN Australia womens athletic swimwear Eve Thomas Olympic swimmer Q&A

Fave destination you’ve visited?

Tuscany! It's full of beautiful rustic countryside towns, with great restaurants on every corner. The romantic sunsets over the many hills and vineyards are idillic!

Fave pair of JOLYN’s you own?

How could it not be TIKITATAS? The colours and print are everything <3

Quote you live by?

I live by the quote “You’ve got nothing to lose” because sometimes I just need to remind myself that not trying is a guaranteed way of not succeeding.

JOLYN Australia womens athletic swimwear Eve Thomas Olympic swimmer Q&A

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