Step foot or flipper in an aquatic centre these days, and you'll see JOLYN cladding the bodies of hardcore water enthusiasts, weekly fitness swimmers and casual once-in-a-while lappers alike. Tried and tested a million times over, JOLYN SWIMWEAR outlasts, outwears, and outperforms every other brand, in and out of the pool, and looks darn good doing so.

Our swimwear is as hard working as the water women who wear it: designed specifically for swim training, our suits stay exactly where they're meant to (no slip hazards), while keeping as vibrant as the day you bought them (no fading or see-through scandals). Thanks to years upon years of research, combined with American engineering and Italian manufacturing, we've perfected the art of 100% Chlorine-resistant, 100% durable, 100% reliable swimwear; we won't let you down.

Adjustable straps, material that is guaranteed not to fade, chafe-free, stretch-free and amazingly tough, JOLYN swim tops and bottoms hold it all in, with a range of swim bikinis and one-pieces that are designed to stand out in the lanes. You won't look like the rest of the pack; limited edition prints, exclusive solid colours, and unique strap detailing make JOLYN's one of a kind. Compliment your water wardrobe with colours that contrast, styles that slay, and prints that accentuate your look, down to the very last stitch.


It goes without saying, but all of our suits are designed for swimming (shocking, right!) so whatever you select, you're going to be set for success. You want your swimwear to behave like a second skin - our stuff sits as closely to your body as possible, with no padding or extra material to add lag to your set, but every suit is double-lined with only the highest quality polyester so you're never at risk of see-through scandals.

LOOKING FOR A ONESIE? We have the biggest range of women's one-piece swimsuits, and there's no "one size fits all", but the best place to start would be our Chevy fixed-back onesie, or the Jackson tie-back onesie (depending on whether you're a tie girl, or a fixed, fuss-free girl). Have a browse through our Style Guide to get a feel for the differences between our cuts, or check out our Styles to Suit Your Body guide for more detailed suggestions.

ONLY NEED A SWIM TOP? Our favourite bikini top for swimming would hands down be the Tomcat Top, which not only keeps the girls securely under control, but makes them look 👌👌🔥 The three vents on the front help you look and perform at your peak, letting water pass through as you power through your set. Add the classic JOLYN tie-back straps to make your shoulders and back look super toned, and it's a win, win, WIN.

The Tomcat is perfectly suited to the more-endowed AND less-endowed lass, making it super versatile and the obvious choice, but if you prefer solid front swim tops, we have full coverage swimming bikinis offering extra support, and they are faaaaarr from boring. In both tie-back and fixed-back designs, you'll find the perfect fit.

Check out our Adrian, Grayson, and Ryan tops - our favourite fuller coverage tops for swimming.

WHAT ABOUT SWIM BOTTOMS? Our bikini bottoms all come with a super secure drawstring waist, so you won't be losing them diving in or when the pace picks up.

Check out our swim bottoms here, with every cut and style from cheeky cut to full coverage. Our fave style for swimming is the Midl bikini bottom - it sits higher on the hip, providing a bit more coverage at the front, and just the right amount at the back to perfect that peach 🍑


- fully lined (NO see-through scandals!)
- tagless (NO chafing! NO irritation! NO tag dag moments!)
- insanely durable with reinforced stitching (NO stretching!) 
- made of only the highest quality, 100% durable material (NO fading! NO stitching)

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Once you go JOLYN, no other swimsuit will compare. Welcome to your lifelong obsession.


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