Your love of H20 is too pure and passionate for boring old swim style. That's why you're here. Whether you stumbled across our watery-wear via the magic of a search engine algorithm, were recommended by a pal with impeccable taste or have coveted our designs on the bod of another beach babe, you just know our designs are made for fun in the sun, sand or sea.

It doesn’t matter if you're looking for a swimsuit for splashing around, crushing the competition or are in search of sweet, sweet dry land activewear and accessories, we have what you need β€” and we have it at an honest to goodness fair price. Jolyn is everything you want from your swim style.

Just try to take your eyes off our collection. Featuring high thread counts, premium Italian fabric, and sustainably contentious production, every stunning piece in our line-up reflects our values. And our designs? They speak to the vibrant and irresistable complexities of the women who create and wear them. You want something different: something more. You want swimwear that’s made for your real life, your real body and your real love of existence, submerged. Good news: we've got you beautifully covered.

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