Tried and tested a million times over, JOLYN SWIMWEAR is the best choice for every level of triathlete, whether you're just starting out training, have been competing for years, or are a hard-out elite Olympian, we've got you.

Our swimwear is super durable: designed to take you from swim, to bike, to run with absolute ease! 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Adjustable straps, material that is guaranteed to not fade, chafe-free, stretch-free and amazingly tough, JOLYN swimwear holds it all in. With a range of training one-pieces and two-pieces that are designed to stand out in any conditions - take them cross country training with Xterra-strength, or stick to pools and ocean swims in style. You won't look like the rest of the pack; limited edition prints, exclusive solid colours, and unique strap detailing make JOLYN's one of a kind. Compliment your water wardrobe with colours that contrast, styles that slay, and prints that accentuate your look, down to the very last stitch.



These girls mean business, they're at the top of their game, competing nationally and internationally at an elite level, so put their JOLYN suits through the paces in all conditions. We love supporting this sport, and are constantly in awe of the sheer determination and stamina our JOLYN triathletes are capable of. Want to join our team? Start tagging us on the 'gram so we can watch you grow with Australia's next biggest sporting sensations.

Tamsyn wears the Chevy Onesie in Papaya // Ari wears the Merlin Top in Papaya // Chloe wears the Jackson tie-back onesie in Sketchly print // Hannah wears the Leon Top in Mango. 


While all our onesies are designed for performance sports, our favourite suit for tri-training would hands down be the Murray, with double straps over the shoulders to keep everything under control during the high impact miles, and the perfect amount of coverage to keep your toosh looking fine 👌👌🔥 The Murray is great for swimming, running, and biking, and the double cross-over JOLYN-exclusive straps make your shoulders and back look super toned. Win, win, WIN.

If you prefer training in a two-piece, you've also come to the right place. We're a huge fan of the tie-back swim top (it's our signature!), with a range of styles to keep the girls under wraps but with the flexibility to adjust strap tensions around your ribs, shoulders and chest for whatever set you're tackling. If you need a little more security, we can suit you up in full coverage training tops offering extra support, and they are faaaaarr from boring. In both tie-back, fixed-back, solid colours or printed designs, you'll find the perfect fit.

Check out our Adrian or Leon tops for fixed-back styles, and our Tomcat or Ryan tops for tie-backs - our favourite fuller coverage tops for any sport.

Our bikini bottoms all come with a super secure drawstring waist, so you won't be losing them in the heat of the race.

Check out our swim bottoms here, with every cut and style from cheeky cut to full coverage. Our fave style for swim, bike, run is the Midl bikini bottom - it sits higher on the hip, providing a bit more coverage at the front, and just the right amount at the back to perfect that peach 🍑



- fully lined (NO see-through scandals!)
- tagless (NO chafing! NO irritation! NO tag dag moments!)
- insanely durable with reinforced stitching (NO stretching!) 
- made of only the highest quality, 100% durable material (NO fading! NO stitching)

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Once you go JOLYN, no other swimsuit will compare. Welcome to your lifelong obsession.



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