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Jolyn Clothing is probably best known for tie-back suits.  Our tie-back full suit one piece, a.k.a. "Mini,"  has become our most recognized suit because of its different look, and  our "tie top" is our most successful top because it offers athletes incredible hold while being ultra comfortable. We found the two separate cups work in the athlete's favor because the lack of fabric in between the bust allows water to move through freely.  In my opinion, "tie-backs" are the most functional top on the market because the alternative, fixed straps, have a tendancy to become useless once the straps lose their elasticity or stretch out a little too far.  Tie backs (without the use of hardware or buckles) are gaining acceptance in the sports swimming industry due to companies like TIEM Surf and Jolyn Clothing, and the fact that the best competitors in the USA and even abroad are turning to our products equal to big companies like Speedo and Nike. And yep, Tandis (owner of TIEM, pronounced Tee-Em) and I are friends. I'll be writing about her company soon, because she has a super awesome thing going on in surfing and lifeguarding, which translate into a great product for the aquatics industry. She's a ripper for sure.

The suit in the photo below is the latest top Jolyn Clothing is introducing.  A little bit about it's history: We've been making what the industry calls a "demi" top for about 3 years now.  A "demi top" is basically a spin-off of a sports bra, where a lateral piece of elastic runs across the top of the chest, and a second lateral piece of elastic runs along the bottom of the bust and torso, holding one large piece of fabric that spans across the entire front. Although I can't speak for other manufacturers,  I have tried to slim out this center front over the years doing the best I could to make it dissappear. Problem was I critically lost support in the bra dealing with larger bust sizes.  Fabiola and TIEM have probably the  best looking demi tops out there, and I highly recommend both companies.

Many athletes want the support of two lateral elastic lines, and what we wanted to do was eliminate the "parachute" effect, where water catches between the bust when they have a B cup chest or greater. Parachuting causes suits to either bag out over time, or worse flash others during a bad dive or a strong push off the wall.  So what we simply did here at Jolyn was add a way for water to exhaust through a gap in the center front of the top by sewing in two separate cups, while keeping the upper and lower lateral elastics. We hope this suit will become one of the most accepted tops in the aquatic sports industry, in addition to being the best top to accommodate larger chested athletes.  When combined with tie-back straps, this top is subtly but intricately engineered to help with the range of differences of women's bodies and torso volumes.

We already have a few tops out there proving great results with a few selected swimmers.  We're starting another production run with various colors to be ready mid September. We'll get a photo with a model for you soon so you can see how they look when worn. Trust me, they look great, and will be economically priced during these hard times.  If you are interested, please email us through our website at contact@jolynclothing.com to be one of the first to have one.

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