We've been in Europe


We haven't posted anything for quite some time, but we have A LOT of content to show, including images of the suits we're making for the USA Olympic Volleyball and Water Polo teams, video of the USA team training in our suits, video and photos of our travels in Europe and the National and Professional Teams we've been working with out here, and more design work we've been working on for fall.  Here's a little warm-up pic we did in Camogli, just a little down the road from Recco in the Italian Riviera.  Cassandra Azavedo has been hosting us while we've been here, and everyone in the town couldn't be nicer.  Check out Cassie's and her brother Tony's water polo camps online if you want to get really good at water polo, and play at locations like this.  We'll be featuring their USA and European camps WAY more in the future.

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