where did all the suits go?


Hi everyone!!!  We're soooo sorry and apologize for the seriously low amount of suits, and we promise we're rushing new ones as fast as we can!!  Nothing's ready yet, but keep a look out after the next few weeks for new colors, past colors you haven't seen in a while, and new sizes (like XL Triangle Tops and L Brazilian briefs).  In the meantime, rock the suit you have or just bought, and don't let summer pass you by!!! And ask Tanya about our  Jammettes, swim legs, and rash guard styles we made available a few weeks ago.  We're also starting our Fall/Winter print collection and putting an emphasis back on 1pcs for winter training, introducing a new lining for our full suits; and maintaining good coloring for 2pcs for team trip season.

Thanks again for all of the support and patience over the past few months, we weren't expecting this!!

USA waterpolo team in Jolyn before London

And a different USA team before London...  :-)

Jammettes, for all you who want to wear a two piece but not a bikini.  Forel Davies showing off her hand stand skills.


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