Where did all the suits go? - updated


Here's the latest follow-up to our post regarding restocking swim suits... we expect to have suits available next week and the week after if everything runs smoothly.  We were delayed because one critical automated cutting machine at the beginning of the production line needed to be service by a mechanic, but unfortunately all of our mechanics were either out of the state or country or in the hospital, and when we tried to use other mechanics they didn't have the part we needed or simply didn't show to the appointment.  Two different parts of the machine broke down sequentially, so once we fixed the first problem, it broke again almost immediately because of a second problem.  So now we've been outsourcing this one operation so we can continue with manufacturing.

Good news is we will be uploading suits as soon as we receive them, and you can expect to see our bottoms uploaded before our tops. We won't have photos available for the newly introduced colors right away, but we'll think of something!!

UCLA friends getting creative with their tops in Vegas

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