Thank you Zoe

We received a call from Zoe, who writes for the local paper in Long Beach, CA.  We did a quick interview, and when I learned more about her, I wanted to do a post on her.  Here's what she wrote to us: "Jolyn became an important part of my world this summer. With swim team practices at 7 a.m and Long Beach Junior Life Guards at 9 a.m. Jolyn was basically my life life saver. I wore my Jolyn when I participated in the Stud Iron Man, a four-mile run and two-mile swim. I noticed that a lot of girls were wearing their Jolyn bathing suits too. So I decided to write about it Zoe’s World, the column I’ve written weekly in our local newspaper, the Grunion Gazette, for nearly three years. My column focuses on trends and topics important to kids in Long Beach, California. I began writing it when I was nine years old. I wrote a letter to the editor about the libraries being closed on Sundays. I wanted to write more so I asked the editor  if i could have a weekly column in the paper. He said that he would meet with me and see how it went. And it did! I am also a swimmer for Beach Swim Club. I love wearing Jolyn bathing suits to swim and I also love wearing just go to hangout with friends. Thanks Jolyn, for making suits for us sports girls. -Zoe Mena Zoe, I don't think you know how much this means to us.  Thank you, and we'll keep making swimwear.

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