3 MUST-HAVE ACCESSORIES // Get summer trendy!


It's heatin' up! We LOVE it! And to keep you looking and feeling cool as a cucumber, we've pumped up our collection of accessories to include THREE rad must-haves this summer.

Starting with.. the sun smart essential: HATS

Our hot new range of caps are the ultimate "need" this summer - pop one of these on your noggin and you're destined for wild adventures in the outdoors (or inside, if that's how you roll, although Grandma will probably tell you it's rude to wear a hat indoors).

Cutesy designs like Unicorns and Narwhals, or classic prints like the Basic or Sharkie, our caps are sun smart, oh-so-comfy and the sensible choice this summer.



Next up, WATER BOTTLES, duh!

Stay hydrated, ladies!! We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping on the H2o bandwagon in the heat. PLUS drinking more water will actually make you more beautiful, it's a fact. Keep your drink cool (both physically and figuratively) in our limited edition water bottles, featuring stainless steel design and custom Jolyn graphics. When a water bottle looks this good, you know your drink is gonna taste better.



And finally, GET YOUR PINS OUT!

These trendy AF pins add that little bit of character to any ol' swim bag, pencil case, jacket, hat, backpack, or anything else that you can stick a pin into (within reason, obviously).

Glittery, glam and just gotta have, our new range of pins are online now and are just begging to be yours!  


Summer essentials, sorted.

Love, Jolyn Australia x.

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