CUSTOMISE YOUR JOLYNS // Calling all Rotto Channel Swim Teams 🔈

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Add printing to your swim suit || JOLYN AUSTRALIA SWIMWEAR GROUP ORDERS

The biggest splash on the West Coast is coming. The Rottnest Channel Swim hits WA next month, and we want every single swimmer to look the part, representing their team with their own unique style!

How? By branding your bums, and building your team into the most powerful, unified, unstoppable gang. We can add custom printing to ANY Jolyn style; tops, bottoms, onesies, prints, solids, contrasts, the choice is yours. Plaster your team name across your butt, over your chest, down your side, however your heart desires - just let us know, and we'll make it happen.

To add printing to your order, all you gotta do is select your swimwear of choice, and proceed to your cart. Click "Need printing on your order? Simply click here." then add the quantity of printing required to your order, return to your cart and include your printing instructions in the "Additional comments" section. Printing is $5/suit for single logo prints, and $8/suit for multi-logo printing, and we can usually turn your suit around in a week once you've finalised your order!

If you have specifics (eg. custom logo, unique font, a picture of your Grandma) send these through to and include your order number so we can match up all the details!

Good luck to all taking part, may you look (and compete) like champions!

Love, Jolyn Australia x.

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