CHOOSING A ONESIE? // We're here to help 🙋


Most girls know straight away whether they want the versatility of a tie-back, or the simplicity of a fixed-back. The beauty of a tie-back means you can adjust the suit to fit your body, altering the length of the straps both over your shoulders and around your ribs. But not everyone is about tying bows, and occasionally regulations won't allow them (booo boring rules!), so we made sure our fixed-back range has a fit for every bod - thick bands, thin bands, single straps, double straps, triple straps.... we have a fixed-back you'll love.

Our onesies are generally split into two types of coverage; our fuller style, and our medium coverage style. The fuller style sits more like a scoop around the butt, while our mid-coverage sits tight across the cheek. The design of our fuller coverage onesies gives you more material around your backside, so unless you have a booty to fill it out, go for the medium coverage (it's not cheeky, don't be afraid!) to show off that beautiful bum of yours!

Once you've decided your coverage and chosen either fixed or ties, we can then narrow your options down to how fancy you want your suit to be. Are you after something subtle to go with the flow while making you feel like the sleek, unstoppable goddess you are, or do you want to turn heads and have everyone ask "girl, where did you get that suit?" We've got your back, whichever path you want to take! Our favourite details are hip cutouts and crossover straps, but you also cannot go past the empowering effortlessness of our simples staple onesies.

Following on from your choice of detailing, we get to the final step! COLOUR! Everyone needs either a Black or Navy onesie in their collection, or our other base colours of Cabernet, Blueberry and Red. These colours are STRONG, designed to make you feel confident, motived and more powerful than ever each time you wrap yourself in them. If you've already got the base colours down pat, broaden your rainbow with our exclusive brights, neons, pastels, and bolds. We DARE you to try something out there, like Hot Pink, Mango, or Lava! Get out of the shadows, sis! Or what about one of our limited edition prints? All JOLYN prints are one-of-a-kind, we only make them once, and each print comes out slightly different, so no two suits will ever look exactly the same. Now that's unique, huh?


Getting your sizing right the first time can be a little tricky, which is exactly why we offer FREE SHIPPING on your first order - so you can try on your first pair with no shipping cost! If the fit is just not quite right, send it back for a super easy refund and jump back online to choose a more suitable size. Measure yourself up against our sizing chart here, and give us a call or get talking on our Live Chat below for personal assistance in finding your perfect fit! 



  • Posted on by TH
    Wish I’d seen this before choosing my suit, it would have been super helpful.
  • Posted on by Evalyn

    So helpful! Thank you so much, can’t wait to buy a onesie!

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