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JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - eco collection

This blog post was written by Lizzie Welborn. Follow along her journey via her IG @lizziewelborn.


Why these swimmers are SO important 

If you haven’t heard already, JOLYN Australia just released a brand new print in their swimwear range made from recycled plastic. As someone who is extremely passionate about preventing plastic pollution from entering our oceans, this is awesome news. You might think, how much of a difference does one swim suit made of recycled plastic make? Yes, in the grand scheme of things it may seem small, but here are 4 reasons why these swimmers are so important.

JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - eco collection 

  • Currently, LESS THAN 10% OF ALL PLASTIC IS RECYCLED. Most of it ends up in landfill or in our oceans, causing severe environmental damage. Finding new, innovative ways to recycle plastics can help increase this currently small number. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today. There is no need for us to continue making new plastic when there is so much we can re-use and re cycle. Therefore, finding new ways to use old plastic, like in these swimmers, is so important.

  • These swimmers are RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT THE ISSUE OF PLASTIC POLLUTION. The more people we can get talking and becoming more aware about plastic pollution, the better. And these swimmers are the perfect conversation starter. For example: if someone said your swimmers look nice, you could say “its even cooler that they are made from recycled plastic! Did you know that over 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in oceans every year? These swimmers are helping reduce this”. A simple comment like this could mean that your friend starts to see plastic on the beach and start picking it up, or start using less single use plastic. The conversations these swimmers start are so important.

  • As consumers, IT ALLOWS US TO VOICE OUR WANT FOR CHANGE! By choosing environmentally friendly products over regular products, we are showing business that we value these products. As a result, business might continue to make and sell products that are better for the environment. By choosing these swimmers, we are showing Jolyn that appreciate their effort of using recycled materials, so maybe they will do it again!! (winky face). Furthermore, other business might catch onto this change and join in, creating a ripple effect.

  • Finally, EVERY SMALL ACTION DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. The small action of using recycled single use plastics to make these swimmers, has made a difference. It has prevented plastic from entering landfill or the ocean. Every small step taken to reduce plastic pollution must be celebrated and acknowledged, because when lots of small actions are done together, it makes a big difference. By creating these swimmers Jolyn are taking action on plastic pollution, and by buying these swimmers, so are we. Taking action, is so important.

These swimmers are important and stand for so much. Thank you JOLYN for taking this step to keep our oceans clean. 🌊🐠🌏

JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - eco collection

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - eco collection

This blog post was written by Lizzie Welborn. Follow along her journey via her IG @lizziewelborn.

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