EVER TRIED SUP YOGA? // Michelle Williams breaks down why we ALL need to give it a go! 🧘‍♀️✨


JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - SUP yoga

This blog post was written by Michelle Williams from cheapsurfgear.com.


From the origins of Hawaii, SUP-ing otherwise known as stand-up paddle boarding, has certainly become a water sport favourite when it comes to exercising as well as engaging in fun activities out on the water. With many benefits associated with SUP-ing and of course YOGA; the combination of both into one connecting experience is not only welcomed but has quickly evolved into a unique experience and activity; especially for the active lifestyles and youth as well as women all over the world.   

Whether you are a long time yogi, an active SUP-ing enthusiast looking to explore your abilities or perhaps entirely new to the whole concept; the effortless and rewarding experience you will receive through SUP YOGA will not only leave you physically stronger but the values of YOGA incorporated into this activity promotes your well-being and connection to all things mind, body and soul.

SUP yoga paddle boards are more comfortable and suited for yoga poses than some might think. With a long and wide shape as well as a necessary stability, starting off with a nice and easy seated pose will have you excited and motivated to push your core strength as well as experiencing a more mindful and slower practice with the surroundings of water and nature. Of course there is always room for a fall and splash into the water but that of course is all part of the fun and experience.

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - SUP yoga

The YOGA SUP boards are versatile and practical, allowing you to take them out with you on any adventure or holiday. Get SUP-ing or why not experience sailing, fishing or kayaking in a unique way with your SUP board accompanying you. With various features and designs, you can find a SUP paddle board to suit you and your intentions.

With a variety of yoga SUP boards available, you can connect with the style, size and shape that will promote your abilities and enhance your performance for those trickier poses. For anyone looking to push their physical boundaries or experience YOGA and a flowing connection in a different way, SUP YOGA certainly brings all the elements together for both beginners and advanced SUP and YOGA junkies.

With the practicality a SUP paddle board offers, you can bring your YOGA practice anywhere where calm waters surround you. Some might find the thought of balancing poses such as downward facing dog or child’s pose intimidating on a SUP paddle board and on water but with one deep breath inhale as well as the comfort of a quality SUP board; the intimidation will exhale into an experience that will not only leave you stronger, more confident but connected to your body and nature.

JOLYN australia sports swimwear - SUP yoga

As a beginner, you can start off in the comfort of your own home by learning some of the basic YOGA practices and poses. Once you feel a bit more comfortable, you can grab your SUP board, paddle out on your own or even as a group and enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of SUP YOGA. For the more advanced practices, you can push your boundaries and find ways to strengthen your practice through enhanced balance and promote your yoga poses in ways which will only serve you positively.

Remember to inhale deeply and exhale excitement as this fun activity is suited for beginners, people of all ages and of course those who are a bit more familiar with SUP-ing or YOGA. If you are wanting to connect, flow and experience a mindful activity whilst working on your fitness and core strength, SUP YOGA is a great way to combine a mind, body and soul practice. So what are you waiting for? Get paddling and posing with SUP YOGA today.

This blog post was written by Michelle Williams from cheapsurfgear.com.

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