“The first 20 years of my life I got to live a ‘normal’ life where I achieved so many incredible things, one highlight was representing Australia for swimming when I was 15!

Right before I turned 21, my life was changed forever and I was told that I will be living with Type 1 Diabetes for the rest of my life. There was no cause for why I developed the condition and there is currently no cure... I was just unlucky! But I’ve never been more motivated to do the impossible and set new goals! One of those is running the @NYCmarathon in November this year to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research for #JDRF.

I’ve always been a swimmer, so making a transition to land is a huge challenge! 42km isn’t going to be easy, especially with Type 1 Diabetes, but I do know it will be worth it as I will always know I can do anything, even with a chronic illness! ✨👟” - @typeonebritt, via Instagram.

People like Britt prove that the world doesn't have to stop, when you're dealt a difficult card. Take that card, claim it, own it, and make sh*t happen! You got this 👊

Jolyn Australia x. 

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