We're all about being here for one another; celebrating the highs, sharing the load of lows and everything in between. By opening up the conversation, we hope to help each and every one of you keep going.

Here's Roanne's story, GC2018 Commonwealth Games Athlete, Team Singapore Swimmer, and all round beautiful soul. 💕

“Last Sunday, my coach texted me my training schedule for the coming week. Instead of replying "see you tomorrow", I gave him a long text saying how I wasn't ready to return to training.
Commonwealth Games was difficult for me. As my coach hugged me after my 50m final to congratulate me on a good race, I burst into tears of disappointment. I tried my best to shake it off to prepare myself for the 100m but on the day itself, I just felt "off". I was trembling in the call room and on the verge of tears right before my heat was called. Half of me was desperately trying to pull myself together while the other half just wanted to give up.
I was struggling. I am struggling. For a while now, swimming no longer means to me what it used to. I wish I knew exactly when things started to change but I do not. This sport that used to bring me the greatest joy and purpose started to give me anxiety and sleepless nights instead. It was sad, how the one place I felt most comfortable in, started to make me feel defeated by just looking at it.
I wish I could say that taking this much needed week off was the miracle cure I needed. But honestly, I still feel lost. However, in saying that, taking the time off to reflect on my journey made me realise that in this, there are only 2 options:
1. Give up
2. Keep going
It's that simple.
The tough days, weeks, months or maybe even years, will always be there. But that doesn't matter. What determines who we become is our reaction to the tough times we face in life. So if you happen to be struggling too, I hope knowing that you're not alone will at least give you a little comfort. Afterall, we all should learn to grow through what we go through. For now, it's time for me to put my head back down and keep going." - @r0anne, via Instagram.
We salute you, Roanne 🙌 we’re with you, we’re in awe watching you grow as you regain your love for the water 💙 thank you for sharing your journey with us x.
If you’re feeling a little blue, send us a message. Let's share the load - we’re on your team 😘

Jolyn Australia x.


EDIT: Roanne's response to all the love our community can generate

"Thank you for all your kind messages after reading the post on Jolyn Australia. Some of your messages made me tear up.

I just wanted to say that each of you are such strong and amazing individuals and I'm so glad my experience has helped you, even if it's just so you don't feel like you're alone going through what you're going through.

Sometimes, we don't know what the reasons are for going through really shitty times. Maybe we have to experience the darkness to truly appreciate the light. Maybe we have to fight through all the pain and bullshit in order to earn the best days of our lives.

But if you're going through hell right now, keep going. Even if it doesn't feel like it, I promise that the light at the end of the tunnel will appear soon enough.

Sending love and good vibes only to all of you ❤️❤️❤️"

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