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JOLYN Australia Swimwear Blog - six feel good stories

This article was written by Danielle Fowler for marie claire Australia

Every iPhone ping leaves our hearts heavy, as the global pandemic continues to deliver bad-news-story-after-bad-news-story.

So for those of you taking a well-deserved break from the c-word, we've rounded up the feel-good moments that are sure to plaster a smile across your face. From the neighbourly postcard doing the rounds on social media to Christmas making a surprisingly early comeback (yes, seriously), look no further for a much-needed pick-me-up. 


JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
After feeling helpless watching the daily barrage of anxiety-inducing news unfold, Becky Wass from Cornwall, England came up with a touching way to spread joy in uncertain times. 

In order to help the most vulnerable members of society, Wass created a support card which people can post through the letterboxes of neighbours who are self-isolating. Those wishing to help others can offer up their services from getting their food shop, picking up urgent supplies or popping to the local post office.

The initiative soon went viral with people using the form to help those in need. If you wish to get involved, you can download the form here.


JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago may have closed to the public during the coronavirus pandemic but it gave its resident penguins the chance to finally take a tour of their home. 

Penguin couple, Edward and Annie, were allowed to go on a romantic stroll to check out exhibits which house dolphins and fish.

It hopefully proved the ultimate date, as the couple are expected to nest shortly. "Every spring is nesting season for the penguins here at Shedd, and this year is no different!" the aquarium explained. "Next week, penguins, including Edward and Annie, will begin to build their nests."


JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
We may have reluctantly taken down the Christmas tree on New Year's Day but those who are already counting down the days until Santa returns are sure to rejoice at the festive spirit sweeping the globe. 

In a bid to come together in the wake of uncertainty, people are putting their Christmas lights back up. The trend seemed to kickstart in the US with the community spirit spreading to Canada and the United Kingdom. 

If that isn't enough to excite Father Christmas' biggest fans, then you'll be pleased to learn that Hallmark ignored the fact that it's March and held a three-day festive movie marathon over the weekend to make self-isolation a little easier.



JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
Italy has been on nationwide lockdown for several weeks in a bid to control the alarming spread of coronavirus. 

Despite hunkering down in their homes, Italians proved they haven't lost their community spirit. On March 13, a resident shared a video of her hometown of Siena belting the popular song from their balconies. 

"People of my hometown #Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their hearts during the Italian #Covid_19 #lockdown," the resident captioned the now-viral clip. 



JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
Two best friends from Queensland, Lucy (four) and Addyson (six), took it upon themselves to spread love in their neighbourhood. 

Lugging a cart filled with toilet paper and tissues they purchased with their hard-earned pocket money, the duo visited the elderly to see if they were in need of any supplies.

Their proud mum wrote on Facebook: "The pensioners loved having them knock on the door and ask if they would like some as the shops run out - some people needed some and were very grateful."


JOLYN Australia Athletic Swimwear blog - feel good stories
Let's be frank, our at-home workout sessions with nothing but a laptop and makeshift yoga mat can prove lonely. So residents of an apartment complex in Seville, Spain participated in a group workout from their balconies.

"In Seville, Spain, residents of an entire apartment complex couldn't leave their homes due to the quarantine," the now-viral tweet reads. "So a fitness instructor went up to a rooftop and held a workout class. Neighbors joined in from their windows and balconies."



This article was written by Danielle Fowler for marie claire Australia

With everything going on right now, we hope these stories made your day that little bit more cheerful! 💕

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