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JOLYN Australia Swimwear Blog - Know your Colour

When you’re about to purchase a fresh pair of togs and you have absolutely every colour of the rainbow to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. It's a tough decision trying to select the perfect colour for you, especially when you're shopping online.

You might be wondering which colour will pop against your skin tone, suit your hair colour and flatter you the most. Well, we honestly believe you can rock any colour your heart desires, but if you need a hand narrowing down your options and deciding on YOUR colour, this guide has got you covered.

If you don’t already know whether you have warm, cool or neutral skin undertones, this guide will give you some tips to figure that out first. Then, based off your skin undertones, we’ve recommended a few JOLYN solid colours that will have you standing out against the crowd any day. For all our stunning red-haired chicks, we’ve added some extra ideas especially for you, to ensure your togs complement your luscious locks.

Check out which colours we’d put you in if we were personally stying you.

JOLYN Swimwear Blog - know your colour

How do I know if I have WARM undertones?

You're WARM if your skin has greenish or golden undertones. Anyone with fair to dark coloured skin can have warm undertones, and this category includes olive complexions. If you’re still unsure whether you're a warm gal, warm skin tones tend to tan easier than cool skin tones, and your veins often appear green instead of blue.

I’m WARM. Which colours should I go for?

You can’t go wrong with earthy colours and warmer versions of cool colours. Here are our top four picks for you golden goddesses:

JOLYN Swimwear Blog - know your colour

How do I know if I have COOL undertones?

You're COOL if your skin has a blueish undertone. Cool skin tones can range from very fair to very dark in colour. If you're cool, your veins are likely to appear blue, and you tend burn more easily in the sun.

I’m COOL. Which colours should I go for?

You look incredible in gemstone shades, deep blues, purples and pastels. Here are four of our favourite solids to suit your gorgeous skin tone:

JOLYN Swimwear Blog - know your colour

How do I know if I have NEUTRAL undertones?

You're NEUTRAL if it's hard to tell whether you have warm or cool undertones, or if you have a mixture of both.

I’m NEUTRAL. Which colours should I go for?

We’re jealous. You suit pretty much every colour to perfection. However, you'll look best in shades that sit in the middle of the colour spectrum. Here are four solids we’d choose for you:

If you're still unsure on your skin undertone, head to this article for some more information and real life examples to help you find out!

JOLYN Swimwear Blog - know your colour

We get asked ALLLL the time which of our solid colours will best suit red-haired beauties. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of girls wearing our togs in various colours, and there’s just no going past these four shades for girls with red hair, they look always look unbelievable:

By no means are we telling you to stick to the colours we’ve recommended, or even similar ones. If you’ve found a solid you’re obsessed with, that is YOUR colour! It’s all about confidence, if you love what you’re wearing, you’ll feel and look amazing in it no matter what. COMMENT BELOW which solid colour is YOUR fave and why👇💬

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    This is soo soo helpful and I will be able to chose my colours a lot easier now

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