SWIMSUIT SPOTLIGHT // Strawberry tie-back onesie 🍓


JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - swimwear spotlight Strawberry Tie-back onesie

In need of a water-wardrobe refresh but can't decide which suit you love most? Our current top pick is a STRAWBERRY TIE-BACK ONESIE. Here's why this suit is a fan fave and deserves a spot in your JOLYN collection👇

We're crushing over STRAWBERRY coloured togs right now. Adding a pop of colour to the pool or beach, Strawberry is a shade that'll turn heads and it's a hue that looks absolutely divine on every single skin tone. You just can't go wrong with a pair of Strawb bathers, if properly cared for, you can be sure the vibrant colour won't fade as it's built to last session after session in chlorine or salt water and many hours of sun exposure. Heading into Autumn, keep things bright and rock an essential tie-back onesie in Strawberry.JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - swimwear spotlight Strawberry Tie-back onesie essential

The beauty of a TIE-BACK means you can adjust the suit to fit your body, altering the length of the straps both over your shoulders and around your ribs. When you're about to hit the pool to swim harder and faster than ever, feeling secure is a priority, so you'll wanna tie your suit so it's extra snug. On weekends when you're chilling poolside or off on an adventure to the rock pools, you're able to loosen your togs for maximum comfort. Their versatility make the tie-back onesie an absolute essential in every girls water-wardrobe.

A JOLYN must-have TIE-BACK onesie in the colour of the season STRAWBERRY is the dream swimsuit to motivate you through the summer-winter transition, and there's a style to suit every booty! If you're looking for slim bum coverage, look no further than the DAYNO, for mid-full coverage, the JACKSON is a go-to, and for the extra bootylicious gals, the BELLE's got you covered.


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